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TECHNO_ORGANIC by RedVioletPanda
 For :iconcolour-schemes: 's April challenge "Contridictions"

 Originally I was going for "cold fire" but since that's almost an easy one to come up with, I decided to dig into some of my old fandoms and pull out "techno-organic" from my love for Beast Machines when I was growing up.

I know that's widely hated in the Transformers fandom for a lot of stuff, but it's hell of lot better than the Bayformer sequels by a long shot. The designs of the characters are among my most favorite for any Transformer series, or any big robot series to date (aside from Pacific Rim, which is basically my favorite mecha movie of all time for it's sheer brilliance) mostly for the fact that a lot of them are incredibly innovative (Botanica, Thrust, and Nightscream's are among my faves, don't judge) and plus I like techno-organic as a design, because I don't normally care for rigid looking mecha stuff as much as I like free-flowing organic structures. Plus, I have a habit of giving my robots, transforming and otherwise, hair-like head pieces.

 This character is an old Beast Machines fan character of mine. Her name is Keeyah and she's basically a feral child type who lives on an alien planet that has organic alongside techno-organic creatures living on it. Her original beast mode was supposed to be a civet, but it's changed for an alien cat-lemur creature that's native to the planet. She lives with a group of sentient beings that are the basis of Noble's wolf form. She used to have fire based powers, but I kinda toned that down to her being incredibly fast and agile enough to fight against the deadly megafauna that prowl the world (most of them are based off of dinosaurs because I am a HUGE dino-nerd and I'm a sucker for planets with prehistoric creatures still living on them). Keeyah starts out as being untrusting of the Maximals due to Transformers (namely the vehicle varieties) coming to her world to take over it. Being raised by the organic wolf-like people, she has toned her hunting skills and has made friends with many of the dangerous animals of her homeworld. Due to a variety of factors surrounding her origins and make-up, it's believed that Keeyah is not a true Cybertronian, but an amaglam of different backgrounds to create a new Transformer. She does become a Maximal in the most loose of terms, but her alliance is mainly founded on the bond she has created with the Maximal Nightscream and another mech version of Noble, known as Metal Noble.

 I have changed her design a lot, considering the last time I drew her was probably in 2006 or 2007. And I need to re-upload that old fanfic of mine regarding her to soon.



Beast Machines: Transformers (c) Hasbro, Mainframe
Keeyah (c) Ash


Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, I'm Red Violet Panda, aka Ash.

I am an artist of traditional and digital mediums, working as an animator for a studio at the moment. I am also a comic-making of sorts, though the only comic I am currently working on is Flying Wing, Shooting Star, which is a fancomic, I am also in the process of working on some new comics, which I wish to see the light of day. That along with a novella I am in the process of writing, based around a continuing war between the forces of light and dark set on an Earth that is alien to our own.

I am constantly improving my art, so please come around for new updates.

Right now, I am offering commissions, please take a good look:…

Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: electronic, rock, progrock, dance
Favourite style of art: anime, abstract, fractal, 3D
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: seashell
Favourite cartoon character: Molly, Aikka, Blackarachinia, Nightscream, Wildwing
And I need to retrieve important data... Data in the form of my recent artwork and a story I'm working on.

So I have to wait until I can get $129 to fix that problem... Hopefully. I hope these guys at this local company I talked to can help retrieve my stuff so else I might have to redo a story and retrieve some artwork out of myb stash. 

I also need to get a data backup unit and a new flashdrive. Never getting a cruzer pop again, it kept popping out of my usb plug.
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